This shop is the selling outlet for the artist Pandora Vaughan. This is the place to find limited edition prints, short series like the Bags of the Apocalypse and other affordable pieces. Everything is made at her studio in east London. Further information at

"I wanted to make useful things by hand which would make some of my work affordable to my peers - the sort of items I like to use but which can be hard to find. The small runs of functional textiles celebrate the act of making. When I want a bag for tools & thread & brushes I don't want something plastic from China or made by exploited children in Bangladesh. With the printed pieces each design block is carved and then repeat printed by hand in tiny runs on organic & ethical fabric. This allows me to make variations in each piece to keep them fun. All the materials are chosen to be as responsible as possible.

With the 2D works -I like print editions because they can be a variation on themes in larger works and make them available to a wider audience. This 'shop' is meant to bring the act of production and distribution down to a direct and manageable level.